Reducing Holiday Anxiety and Stress

Despite most of us look forward to our holidays, they can often be very stressful, especially for those people suffering from anxiety disorders such as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

With the crux of most anxiety disorders being an ultimate fear of losing control or needing to be in control holidays and especially travelling challenges this need as we are faced with situations e.g. flight delays which are outside of control, so understandably these situations cause anxiety, associated irritability and even distressing panic attacks.

People with anxiety disorders often find it difficult to relax on holidays as the cognitive symptoms of anxiety remain as we are immersed in a new environment with no firm structure and routine. Some people with anxiety disorders such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder often suffer from low mood on holiday which is related to their heightened level of anxiety. Mindfulness can be an extremely effective method of managing your anxiety whilst on holiday.

Mindfulness is a state of being reflective rather than reactive by focusing on the present moment. Paying closer attention to what is going on around you, helps to distract you from things that may induce worry or stress, and instead focus on the positives. Studies have shown that mindfulness practices can help to reduce anxiety and panic.

Whilst on holiday, you could partake in a morning yoga or meditation session, either as part of a group or in a quiet area on your own. There are also many recommended mindfulness apps that can help with breathing exercises and meditation, which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices.

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