Dr Nathan Anthony

MBBS, Bsc, MRCPsych

"I am a consultant psychiatrist with extensive experience in assessing and treating clients with a wide variety of mental health issues and psychological problems. I am fully committed to getting to the root of problems that people encounter during their lives.

My professional ethos centers around getting clients back on their feet as quickly as possible. I practice at convenient locations across London, Kent and Surrey and also offer treatment to international clients.

I hope you will find the site comprehensive and useful. I fully appreciate it can be a daunting prospect trying to find a private psychiatrist in London." - NATHAN ANTHONY

Our Locations

If you're looking for a private psychiatrist in the London area, we have several convenient locations across London, Surrey and Kent. Each clinic offers a comfortable and confidential environment in which to receive care and treatment.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Our Treatments...

"I offer a range of treatments and therapies to effectively diagnose and treat psychological problems and mental health issues. To learn more about the treatments I provide and to read about what to expect from your appointment with me, please view our treatments page." 

- Dr Anthony

Eating Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Schizophrenia and Psychosis
Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD
General Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder
Social Anxiety
Personality Disorder
Self Harm
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Physical, sexual, domestic abuse
General Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder
Social Anxiety