Eating Disorders

In my experience clients with eating disorders experience a sense of isolation as a result of their illness and it is important that people are aware of eating disorder treatment.

Within my work as a private psychiatrist, I regularly assess and treat both male and female clients with a variety of eating disorders:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Atypical eating disorders

Ethos of Assessment and Treatment

  • Following a thorough but thoughtfully paced assessment  treatment programmes are person centred and bespoke
  • Forming a trusting and collaborative relationship is extremely important and within this any treatment goals are mutually agreed
  • Using cognitive analytic therapy to help us understand how the eating disorder may have evolved and maintains itself 
  • Our aim will be to reduce the risks the eating disorder to your health and allow you continue to function whilst carrying out your eating disorder treatment.


I am fully aware for the distress families experience when a loved one has an eating disorder. As such I work alongside very able family therapists who will be able to help you.  We also offer support groups to families for clients who attend daycare services.  Additional support and information may be found on the Beat Organisation's website here.


Treatment Locations

The majority of clients can be treated via my London and Kent outpatient clinics with close coordination with a very small group of experienced colleagues such as dieticians, psychologists or psychotherapsits.  Some clients benefit from attending day care at convenient times. Other clients require admission ot an inpatient unit. Both day care and inpatients are seen at the Priory Hospital Hayes Grove